Refinery Productions is a creative company which delivers products and services in both the audio and games industries.

Founded in 2011, Refinery was established as an on-line portal for those seeking audio production services. Over the years Refinery has expanded, working with a growing number of freelancer specialists and organisations. In 2020 Refinery released its first mobile game 2112TD, a collaborative project developed by a team of freelancers.

Composed of talented minds from around the world, the team has vast knowledge and experience working on games, film, music and TV. Our clientele includes app developers, amateur and professionals artists, indie and major labels, film companies as well as corporate and educational organisations.

The focus has always been to have an adaptable and diverse team fuelled by creative passion and who deliver only industry standard results.

Awards and Achievements

  • 2# Place in the Game Yo Yo Big Win Competition with Zombie Indie House
  • 1# Place in the Glitchjam competition for music and sound design
  • 3# Tizen Game Drive Competition with Zombie Indie House
  • Honourable mention in the Tizen App Challenge with Zombie Indie House
  • 1# Place in the Stencyl Jam 2013 with Tiny Touches for Tiny Tomb Robber

Our Network