Mixing and Mastering

With many recording sessions being effected by time restraints or now been done outside of a recording studio, many final mixes don’t reach their full potential.

The Refinery mixing and mastering service is available for singers, musicians and bands who are looking for an affordable solution to acheive industry standard production. Because music of the 21st century is so diverse it is important that the right tools and minds are assigned to a each project submitted. Music is analysed and then sent to the sound engineer most experienced working with that genre, ensuring that the final product sounds as great as it should. Projects can be submitted as individual tracks (WAV files), Pro Tools project folders (supporting up to version 11) and Cubase project folders (up to version 4). Music which needs to be mastered will need to be submitted as a single stereo WAV file.

Service Details

  • Standard clean up and tidying of individual tracks (removal of noise, fades etc)
  • E.Q
  • Dynamic Compression / Limiting
  • Effects Processing
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Mastering
  • Optional Services
  • Drum Alignment and Editing
  • Performance Editing
  • Vocal Tuning