A creative solution for media applications including audio books, mobile applications, film, TV and video games.

Whether it's a full blown feature length war film consisting of nothing but an endless barrage of nuclear warheads and explosions or simply the restoration of a poorly captured recitation.

Sound Design & Editing

Perfect for creative projects in the film and game industry. Refinery employs a vast range of audio processing tools and software instruments for creating rich, dynamic and intricate sounds.

  • Creation
  • Manipulation
  • Replication
  • Audio and video synchronisation
  • Dialogue & sound restoration
  • Dynamic & effects processing
  • Stereo balancing

Recording & Foley

Refinery has an ever expanding database of high quality sounds. However we appreciate that in many cases new or specific sounds will need to be recorded for most projects. In these circumstances on-location recording is often necessary. This also includes Foley performances for film and ADR / voice acting.

  • Dialogue Recording
  • Sound Recording
  • Ambience Recording